Our values

a picture of a coffee machine from Liquid CultureSure, there’s other coffee machine suppliers around the area of Wellingborough and Northampton. So what makes us so different from the rest? Well, you don’t get known as coffee experts for any old reason; we have 5 guiding principles that ensure we remain completely customer and service focused at all times.

Our 5 values include:

- Being Accessible
- Focusing on Quality
- Staying Original
- Acting as Ambassadors
- Saying Yes More

  1. We are always ACCESSIBLE
    We pride ourselves on being approachable; we’re always happy to answer any type of query and ensure that we are easily understood and useful. We’re also located in a very convenient place for people in Wellingborough and the surrounding areas of Northampton.
  2. We insist on QUALITY
    We have a sincere commitment to ensuring complete excellence and superiority of all of our products and services we offer to our customers in Wellingborough and the rest of the Northampton.
  3. We are ORIGINAL
    Whilst we are respectful of the heritage of the coffee bean, we are also dynamic in driving the future of the refreshment sector for the modern world.
  4. We act as AMBASSADORS
    We are coffee ambassadors. We have a serious ambition to raise the bar across the refreshment industry, through service, enthusiasm, expertise and knowledge.
  5. WE BELIEVE YES is more
    If it’s possible, we’ll always say yes. Providing it’s definitely the right thing to do for our customers, we believe in always saying yes to them to ensure they receive the best refreshment solution for them.
Mission Statement
"To make every refreshment experience an enjoyable one."

And we do exactly that by following our top 5 values! If you’d like to find out more about our products or services, or to discuss a refreshment solution for you, get in touch! Give us a call on 01933 670999 or drop us an email: hello@liquid-culture.co.uk and a member of the team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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