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Frequently Asked Question’s

1. What can we sell through Vending machines?

Vending machines can dispense a variety of drinks and snacks, including; sweets, chocolate, nuts, fizzy drinks, water, tea, coffee etc.

2. What options are there for our staff paying for items?

Machines can either take payment for each vend. Our machines are set up to take payment by coins and issue change as required. Alternatively our vending machines can be set up to vend free as a staff benefit and we invoice you for product consumed.

3. What are the costs to us?

Most vending machines are installed at ‘all risk’ to us. We install the machine and keep it maintained, cleaned and stocked but keep the income.

4. Will vending machines be easy to manage:

Vending machines are easy to manage, as nobody has to be there to sell any goods. Once the machine is installed we keep your machine stocked up and serviced.

5. Do we need to ‘plumb in’ our coffee machines?

Ideally hot drinks machines should be plumbed into a mains water supply. Water filters are essential for purity, taste and maintenance. Smaller coffee machines can operate from a water tank.

6. What are the main benefits of using vending machines?

  1. You’ll keep your employees ‘fed and watered’ your employees needn’t go hungry or thirsty if they haven’t brought their own packed lunch. Your workplace will be fully equipped with a vending machine to meet their needs for all the hours that your workplace is open.
  2. Your employees will be more inclined to stay on site: Your staff will have fewer reasons to leave the worksite if you provide a vending machine. Naturally your staff will have more time to sit down and relax in your staff room. They could even work through lunch with their vending machine snack if there’s important work to be done.
  3. Your employees will be kept alert and productive: Keeping your staff refreshed will keep them alert and productive. By having a vending machine that serves food, and especially tea and coffee, you know your employees have the opportunity for an energy boost whenever they want it.
  4. Help your staff stay healthy: Traditionally vending machines sell very standard, household brands that are not always the healthiest options to snack on. Increasingly, our vending machines dispense far healthier snacks, which reflect well on you as a responsible employer.
  5. Vending machines save time: Boiling kettles, buying tea and coffee and washing up dirty mugs all takes time. A Vending machine will dispense a drink in around 20 seconds, saving loads of time! Your employees can be back at their desks and working in an instant.
  6. Add an addition staff benefit and improve staff retention: The more you look after your staff, the more they’ll look after you! Reducing staff turnover has huge benefits to businesses in time spent recruiting, inducting and training not to mention maintaining relationships with other staff and customers.

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