What to Stock In a Vending Machine at Work

Posted 11:08 am on February 21, 2019

A picture of chocolate and nutsDo you have a refreshment solution in your workplace? If not, why not? Providing refreshments that are easily accessible for staff can bring a whole load of benefits for your business. We listed a few of the benefits of having a vending machine at work as a refreshment solution in our previous blog post. To... Read more...

Benefits of Vending Machines in the Workplace

Posted 1:15 pm on January 29, 2019

A picture of vending machinesDo you have a vending machine in your office? If not, why not? Vending machines are a fantastic addition to any workplace if you want to keep your staff motivated and productive. Here are a few of the top benefits of vending machines in the workplace: Staff Stay On Site One of the benefits of... Read more...

Debunking the Most Common Coffee Myths

Posted 11:02 am on December 17, 2018

A picture of a coffee and someone writing in a note padWith coffee being the most popular drink across the world, it’s no surprise that there’s a few myths around it that float around. Today we’ve collated and debunked the top 6 coffee myths and have shared them with you below. Coffee Will Make You Dehydrated Coffee dehydration is one of the most common coffee myths.... Read more...

Get Creative: 8 Different Uses for Coffee Beans

Posted 2:26 pm on November 21, 2018

A picture of coffee beansWe’ve got a little bit of a different blog post for you this week. We’re encouraging a bit of creativity and giving you some inspiration of how to get creative with our 8 different uses for coffee beans. Before you throw away your used coffee grounds, some of the ideas below might inspire you to... Read more...

The History of Coffee in a Nutshell… or Two

Posted 9:10 am on October 25, 2018

A picture of an old coffeeIt’s become the most popular drink worldwide; the first drink in the morning, the drink when having a catch-up with a friend, an energy booster… coffee. Since it’s discovery, coffee rapidly became the hot drink (and often cold drink) of choice across the globe. But have you ever, maybe when sat drinking from a cup... Read more...

Importance of Having a Break From Work

Posted 1:44 pm on August 30, 2018

A picture of a man having a break from working with a coffeeAre you guilty of not having a break from work often enough? Are you always getting tied up in lots of tasks and find yourself getting overworked and fatigued? It’s time to stop. Having a break from work frequently is extremely important, whether that’s taking short breaks throughout the day or booking some days off... Read more...

Are There Benefits of Having Black Coffee?

Posted 3:53 pm on July 27, 2018

A picture of a cup of black coffee on some coffee beansThe answer to the above question? Yes. In fact, there’s a wide range of benefits of having black coffee. From creating a drink full of delicious flavour to benefiting your health and soul - the list is endless. However, we’ve collated our top 6 benefits of taking your coffee black and have shared them with... Read more...

A picture of coffee and coffee beansEverything's better with a cup of coffee. You might drink coffee every day, but do you know any interesting coffee facts about the drink you love? Next time you’re on your break at work, create a new topic of conversation with your colleagues and share a few of the coffee facts we’ve shared with you... Read more...

Egg-cellent Hot Drink Ideas for Easter

Posted 10:18 am on March 21, 2018

4 Egg-cellent Hot Drink ideas for Easter What’s the first thing you think of when you think of Easter? If it’s not the religious aspects of the holiday, it’ll certainly be the fact that it’s a chocolate holiday. We’ve tried and tested some yummy hot drink ideas for you to try, whether you run a... Read more...

There's no such thing as Hot Chocolate season. Every season, every month and every day is an excuse to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate. As much as I love my coffee, there's nothing like a sweet cup of hot chocolate to either warm up with or drink when you require something on the sweeter... Read more...

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