Get Creative: 8 Different Uses for Coffee Beans

We’ve got a little bit of a different blog post for you this week. We’re encouraging a bit of creativity and giving you some inspiration of how to get creative with our 8 different uses for coffee beans. Before you throw away your used coffee grounds, some of the ideas below might inspire you to do something different with them.

1. Drink

A picture of a cappuccino

We’ll get the most obvious one out of the way first. Of course, one of the uses for coffee beans is to use them for drinks. There’s so many different uses for coffee beans for drinks whether it be a latte, cappuccino, mocha, black coffee, flat white; the list could go on! To make these drinks, coffee beans are often put into commercial coffee machines.

2. Paint

The grounds of coffee beans mixed with water is a great low-cost alternative to paint. This can be a fantastic idea if you’re looking to entertain children without having to break the bank on arts and crafts. To create different shades, use different amounts of water with the coffee grounds. It’s also an easy way to give paintings an old-fashioned “sepia” effect.

3. Body Scrub

A picture of coffee scrub

One of the uses for coffee beans is one that’ll make your skin feel smooth and fresh without using chemical infused products. That’s right, your used coffee beans (coffee grounds) can be used as a body scrub. Simply mix them with water or coconut oil and you’ve got a completely natural scrub for your body. Alternatively, mix them with a bit of honey to create a lip scrub. Coffee contains potent antioxidants which can actually protect your skin against sun damage (although we would still recommend using an SPF too)!

4. Natural Dye

If you mix coffee with a little bit of water, it can also be used as a natural dye on a variety of different materials. If you’re trying to make clothes look old, perhaps for a fancy dress occasion, dab some coffee on them. As mentioned earlier with our idea of painting, it can also be used on paper. If you don’t mind the smell too much, coffee can also be used as a quick fix to deepen the colour of dark hair - but definitely remember to wash it out!

5. Fertilise Your Garden

A picture of a shovel in soil

Not every type of soil will contain the nutrients that are essential for plant growth, and often any nutrients it does contain will be absorbed as plants grow. One of the other uses for coffee beans is to use coffee grounds to help make your garden flourish as it contains several different minerals required for the growth of plants. Fertilise your garden with coffee grounds to provide your plants with the nourishment they need to survive.

6. Neutralise Odours

Straight from fertilise to neutralise. Can’t stand the pungent smells from certain types of food in your fridge or freezer? Place a bowl of coffee grounds in the area of the smell; coffee grounds contain nitrogen which can help to eliminate foul smells created from sulfur gas in the air when combined with carbon. Similarly to a point earlier, use it as a hand scrub to neutralise odours after cutting onion or garlic.

7. Repel Insects/Pests

A picture of a snail

Another of the uses for coffee beans is to repel unwanted insects and pests. Certain compounds found in coffee, such as caffeine, can be highly toxic to insects, especially mosquitos, beetles and fruit flies. Put out some bowls or sprinkle coffee grounds around outside seating areas to repel them; similarly, sprinkle some around your plants to repel slugs and snails.

8. Scrub Pots & Pans

As well as being a scrub for your body, coffee can also be great for scouring pots and pans. The coarse texture of coffee grounds is perfect for scrubbing stubborn grime and scape away food from pots, pans and utensils.

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