True Markets: The Modern Solution for Workplace Refreshments

Are you looking for a complete one-stop shop refreshment solution for your business that doesn’t involve the recruitment of extra staff? Micro markets are the new, modern solution for providing a refreshment service for your workforce. Say hello to True Markets.


True Markets is a brand of “micro markets” which is a 24/7 refreshment service that provides snacks, fresh food, coffee and other daily essentials. It’s built for your requirements; True Markets is built around your space and can be stocked with items that suit your workforce.

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So, why should you choose True Markets?


Micro markets are a growing trend in the vending industries; True Markets really is the very best in refreshment for your workplace. Instead of the traditional vending machines, which often limit your choice, with micro markets/True Markets, food and drink options are stored both in fridges and on shelves for easy, self-serve access.


What are the benefits of True Markets for your business?


Endless Choice

With True Markets, you really can have anything. Unlike vending machines which often limit you with what and how many items you can stock, True Markets gives you the choice to have anything, whether it be a bottle and a sandwich from the fridge or a porridge or cereal bar from the shelf. And when installed with a True Brew coffee machine, you really do have a one-stop shop refreshment service.


Ease of Use: 24/7 Service

As we mentioned earlier, True Markets is a 24/7 refreshment service. This means your staff can pick up something at any time of the day. As a result, this can keep your staff on-site and increase engagement & productivity. Another unique and important feature is that it operates without anyone present; no need to hire catering staff!


Keeping it Modern: Cashless

True Markets provides staff and users with a shop type feel with vending options and prices. They bring a whole new level of selections and service to your office. If that wasn’t enough… True Markets are completely cashless!


It’s 2019. It’s very rare nowadays that people are carrying around cash with them. True Markets is completely cashless. Contactless payments and even fingerprint technology are used to pay for items.


Employee Benefits

Creating a great workplace is so important for the attraction and retention of employees. Many companies find that this break away area, with healthy food & drink options is a great way to get the very best productivity from their employees.

Food the Way You Like It: Fresh & Healthy or a Tasty Treat!

With our Simply Lunch products, providing a fresh and healthy refreshment service couldn’t be easier. Choose from deli sandwiches to salad trays and pizza wraps. Microwaves can also be installed into units.


At Liquid Culture, we work hard to ensure our refreshment services are up there with the best, and that’s why we introduced True Markets.


We have 5 guiding principles that ensure we remain completely customer and service focused at all times:


- Being Accessible

- Focusing on Quality

- Staying Original

- Acting as Ambassadors

- Saying Yes More

What are you waiting for? If you’re interested in getting True Markets in your workplace, get in touch with Liquid Culture. Browse the rest of our website and call us on 01933 670999.


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