What to Stock In a Vending Machine at Work

Do you have a refreshment solution in your workplace? If not, why not? Providing refreshments that are easily accessible for staff can bring a whole load of benefits for your business. We listed a few of the benefits of having a vending machine at work as a refreshment solution in our previous blog post. To lead on from that, today we’re going to give a few suggestions as to what you can stock in your vending machine at work.

Chocolate & Sweets

A picture of chocolate bars

Starting with the obvious… when you think of vending machines, you think of chocolate and sweets. This is definitely an easy solution for your vending machine if you want to keep it traditional, and is a great snack choice when employees need that quick energy boost when they’re in a little bit of a slump.

Healthy Options

A picture of nuts

Whilst it’s traditional to have chocolate and sweets in a vending machine, it’s becoming more and more popular to stock them the with healthy options such as cereal bars, dried fruit, nuts, water, vitamin waters and more. This is a great solution to provide your staff with a good boost of energy which will release throughout the day and improve their productivity.

Catering For Dietary Requirements

Ensure that you’re catering for all of your staff’s dietary requirements with your vending machine at work by stocking a wide range of products such as vegan, gluten free and dairy free. Many of the healthier options may already cover different dietary requirements but you’ll also be able to find some sweet treats too!

If you’re looking at getting a vending machine at work, get in touch with the team at Liquid Culture. We can help with the installation, maintenance and products to stock it with! Give us a call on 01933 670999 or email us: hello@liquid-culture.co.uk.


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